An Afternoon at the Dallas Arboretum

If you happen to follow my Instagram very closely, you’ve likely seen the multiple pictures I’ve posted from our time at the Dallas Arboretum last week. It was amazing and beautiful and stunning and I could go on and on. The majority of my pictures are from the pumpkin exhibit that is currently open, but I would venture to say it’s worth a visit even without seeing the pumpkins. However, pumpkins were the main reason we decided to visit, and they certainly did not disappoint. 

The Arboretum has over 90,000 pumpkins on display in what they call the Pumpkin Village. It truly is a pumpkin wonderland! The only thing that would’ve made the experience better was more Fall-like temps. Although, you’d think us southerners would be used to 90 degree Falls…that’s our norm. Nothing wrong with wishing, I suppose. 

He wanted to show me every piece of something he found. So sweet.

“When will this end??”

Okay, I know this is so sad. But I think it’s also pretty adorable. We moved on after this picture. And he got to try a watermelon popsicle for the first time later, so he enjoyed his time there too. I promise.

That overall strap just would not stay on his arm. Still so cute, though. 

A gourd drumstick!

One of the only pictures I took outside of the pumpkin exhibit.

These colors!

Everything was just perfect from the moment we arrived. We got a good parking spot. Without planning, we got buy one get one free admission. We got a pretty day. We got to see so many pretty things. And we got to have a fun time together.

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