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I had a baby. He is somehow already seven months old. Babies don’t keep, y’all. 

In my seven months of being a mama to my precious little boy, I have gained a little insight on what does keep–or stand the test of time–and what has turned out to be truly useful for us in regards to baby things. My husband and I both like to do research on most items we purchase. Everything from $5 sippy cups to $500 luggage. Our friends and family know this, and I’ve actually been surprised at how often we’ve been approached with questions about certain products and our opinions of them. I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of writing about the things we use and finally decided to just give it a try (because I enjoy writing as well). I plan on focusing on baby things. But I might throw some other things in the mix as well depending on how this goes. I really, really like to support small businesses and feel like quality is often synonymous with handmade items and products designed by individuals out of need and the desire for better function. So, I’ve tried to steer my purchases in that direction when it makes sense. My husband is a big believer in spending more for quality things (when it makes sense financially), which typically means spending less in the long run…and you have something nicer from the start. Combining research with both of our approaches has led us to finding a lot of things we’ve been really happy with, and I want to share those things with you. 

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