One of the contributors on a blog that I follow and love, The Merrythought, was inspired by someone she follows to write a post about house projects and updates she hopes to accomplish this year. She regularly posts amazing DIY and home project posts, so it fit in with her content flawlessly. I’m hoping to start mixing in some of the same type of posts, so I thought it would be fun to document what I want to get done as well. And, hopefully, I can share some of my completed projects and updates throughout the year.

We bought our home brand new a little over 2 years ago. So, I know some people would think I’m crazy to want to change some things. My dream was and still is to find a fixer upper at some point, but this new home (which we are completely blessed to have) was the best option for the time being. I really like it. I just want to make it more “me” and add some character to it’s builder specs.

The few things we’ve done since we moved in are added recessed lighting to our bedroom and the living room. I love light. Both spaces have ample amounts of daylight that come through the windows, but at night, they felt too dark. So we put in the recessed lights, and they made a big difference. We also added a large (floor to ceiling) curtain to a random nook (that I think might’ve been meant to house a desk or become a closet) in an open area (bonus room) of the house so that we could use it for storage. Maybe one day, we’ll rethink that area. But the curtain is serving a good purpose for now. The only other things we’ve really done is make a few upgrades to outside lighting, add some concrete to the back porch area and paint one bedroom. The nursery. I definitely feel like that room has received the most “love” so far. And rightfully so. Even though Brigsby still doesn’t sleep in there at night. Oh well.

So on to what I hope to get done this year (accompanied by photos of perfectly imperfect spaces (smudgy mirrors, baby gates, unmade beds, etc.) to document it all).


Probably my most wanted thing to do in the house right now is paint the kitchen cabinets. I’ve gone back and forth with whether or not I should tackle the project myself or convince my dad to come (from out of town) help or just hire it out. I’ve also gone back and forth on the color. But I’m pretty sure if and when they get painted, it’ll be white. I just think it would brighten the space up the best.

I would also love to add a fun backsplash and big farmhouse sink in the kitchen. And while I think both would add a lot to the space, I don’t think the impact would be quite as big as painting the cabinets or making other updates throughout the rest of the house. So, those are things I just have in my mind as possible updates at some point in the future should we stay in the house that long.


Our “laundry room” is a small space that is a walk-through from our garage entrance to the rest of the house. I’ve dreamt of making it a mud room and closing in our back porch to make a large laundry room, but that’s not on the list of projects for this year. What I would like to get done this year is paint the cabinets in there as well. They’re visible whenever the door is open from the kitchen, so I think I’d prefer they end up the same color as the kitchen cabinets. Hoping that both the laundry room and kitchen could be completed together.


We have three big windows in the living room that look out to a pond behind our house. I’ve not put any curtains up yet. I kind of like the simple look. But I’m leaning towards adding some soon to change things up and possibly help with the heat in the summer. Right now, I’m thinking about doing a long (maybe DIY) rod across all three windows and using drop cloths as panels.


I go back and forth about whether or not I want to paint in here to set this space apart or keep it the same color as the living room, hall, etc that it’s opened up to. I’ve also thought about adding a chair rail and just painting the bottom half so it would kind of set it apart while also still being tied into the rest. We’ll see.


Paint again. Our whole house was painted one color. Ceilings and all. It’s a light tan. I don’t hate it, but it’s probably not what I would’ve chosen. I have no plans to change up the main areas anytime soon, but I would like all three bedrooms and both bathrooms painted. And I want the ceilings white. Because I just like a white ceiling. That’s what we did in the nursery (it was either that or paint it the same color as the rest of the room, which I thought would be too dark). And I think it would look good in the other bedrooms and bathrooms too. I’d like to do a light green or blue in this room, I think.


White. I want to paint it white because there are no windows in this bathroom, and that would just brighten it right up. I sometimes think I’d like all white, but I’m pretty sure I like color too much to stay with it long term. So, I think it’d be fun to paint the bathroom cabinets a color. Maybe gray, maybe green. Undecided on that.


Paint again. At one point, I wanted white. Then light blue. But I’m currently attracted to a deeper, more saturated blue.

Also, this isn’t really a change to the house itself. But I have this idea to add some boho flair to our curtains. We bought light blocking curtains on a whim at Costco months ago because we thought it would help Brigsby sleep better. Not sure if it has or not, but I actually like the room a little darker at night. The only thing I don’t like about the curtains is that they aren’t floor length. So, I’m thinking of adding length to them if time permits soon.


And, of course, I want to paint the walls and cabinets in our bathroom as well. I want white in this bathroom too. Maybe white cabinets, but I also like the idea of gray.

The mirrors above our sinks are something I really want to replace. For one, they’re just standard and bleh. But they’re also off center, and it drives me crazy! I’d love to find one big mirror for the space.

One other thing both Matt and I would like to do in here is tile the shower. It wouldn’t give us a lot of extra space, but an inch or so all around would make a bit of a difference in size and it would be so pretty!

Well, I think that’s it. After writing it all out, I realize it’s mostly painting. Paint makes such a big impact for not a whole lot of money. So that feels safe to do for now. I want to love every aspect of our house, but I don’t want to change so much that we outspend its’ value should we decide to sell in the somewhat near future (that’s not in the plans…just something I think about since this doesn’t feel like a forever home so far).

I’d love to tackle one big project every month or so and see what kind of difference it makes. Hopefully, I can. And will be able to document it all here.

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