My Favorite Baby Product Purchases From Amazon

These are all products that I’ve personally purchased. And I purchased them all from Amazon because it offered the best price at the time. 

I have a bit of a process when I want to purchase something from Amazon. Typically, I add the item to my cart and watch it for a few days. More often than not, the item will fluctuate in price at least a little. Sometimes a lot. If within a few days, the price of the item is about the same or has gone down and I still want it, I’ll go ahead and get it. 

I followed the above process with all of the items listed below except the Rock N Play. It was one of those “we need it to solve a problem right now” items. So I looked it up on a few sites. Amazon had the best price, so I purchased it. I never do it that quick. My husband was proud. 

I compiled this list of things we really like and use or used often. As I already mentioned, I chose to buy them from Amazon because I could get them at the best price from there at the time (I’m including the price I bought them at for current reference). Better than Target with a 5% RedCard discount. Although 5% wouldn’t have made a big impact and had there only been a slight price difference, I probably would’ve gone with Amazon anyway. Because Prime. And a baby. Front door delivery is so nice. And getting packages is so fun.

Okay, here are the things (in order of how they’re presented in graphic and with affiliate links) with a short blurb about why it works/worked well for us. 

  1. Copper Pearl Baby Bandana Drool Bibs (I paid $19.95): These were/are my very favorite bibs to keep up with the seeming endless drool from my son’s teething. They’re well made and don’t have an annoying tag hanging off the front like some others I used. They are soft, and they soak up the drool good. I love how cute they are. And the plain white goes with everything. There are many other colors and modern designs that are really cute too. 
  2. Halo SleepSack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket (I paid $14.29): This is just a good, simple sleep sack. It’s cotton, so I feel like it’s not too hot. We transitioned out of the swaddle (below) into this. We haven’t used it in a while since it’s been Summer and hotttttttt here in Louisiana. My son is pretty hot natured, though, so I’ve considered putting him in lighter sleep clothes with this to see if that might make him more comfortable. Additionally, as the temperatures finally start to cool off, I like that I’ll have this as an option instead of a blanket when he sleeps on his own. I bought the medium, and even though he technically has “outgrown” it according to the sizing chart, it should still last us a while. These run big, in my opinion.
  3. NubyGarden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray (I paid $7.99): I bought these when my son was full force teething. I wanted to give him some cold, tasty relief, so I made breast milk popsicles. He loves them. I’ve also made chamomile tea popsicles. These popsicle sticks were really easy for him to hold at 4 months. We’re still using them at 10 months, and they’ll last a lot longer. 
  4. Halo SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle (I paid $13.94): This was our favorite swaddle we used. We tried several others, but this one came out on top for us. Especially after about 2 months when my baby seemed to want more leg room. That might sound silly, but he’d jerk his lower body a lot at night like he was uncomfortable. After we switched to this swaddle that has more free leg room, he stopped doing that. This swaddle also made transitioning out of it a little easier, I think. To experiment with leaving his arms out, I wrapped the swaddle part tight around my son’s chest and left his arms free. It seemed to work well, and we stopped using the swaddle pretty quickly. 
  5. Zenda Naturals Manual Breastmilk Pump (I paid $11.97): I pumped periodically for a few months. It was just so much work to get set up and take time after nursing my son to pump. Even with an electric pump. And I really didn’t have to do it since I’m a stay-at-home momma. I wanted to try and build a stash in case we ever needed it. But I was blessed with a good supply, and I think we were all just as happy or happier without pumping and bottle feeding. It was hard work not to also, but it just worked well for us. That’s where this little thing came into play. I’d read about the “name brand” version, but this one had great reviews too. So, I ordered it. It’s so easy to just stick on the opposite breast while Baby is nursing. I chose to just do it once a day or so for a little while. Really just enough to get milk for popsicles. But I’ve heard of women building big stashes just using one of these, which is awesome. Also awesome that there’s just one easy thing to clean!
  6. Indestructibles: Baby Babble (I paid $2.24): We have a couple of these books and love them. As it says on the cover, they’re chew proof, rip proof, nontoxic and 100% washable. Great books for babies who love to put everything in their mouths. The books have cute illustrations and simple reading (some even have no words…you or your older child can make up your own story to go along with it, which lends to creativity). And they’re so inexpensive!
  7. Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Rock N Play Sleeper (I paid $52.88): The Rock N Play. I’d heard it was a must have item. I didn’t register for one because we got a hand me down 4moms swing. Well just 6 days after my son was born, I ordered this and haven’t regretted it one bit. He much preferred it over the other swing. It was the only other place he’d sometimes take naps besides our arms. He was happy to be in it when awake. It’s relatively easy to travel with, which makes it a familiar and comforting place for Baby. The cover is machine washable. And there’s a little insert (that is basically the part the baby lays on) that can come off by itself. So, you can just wash that if needed (it was needed a lot for us). There’s all kinds of different versions and designs. This was the only one we tried, but I liked that it’s gender neutral and not too fancy with all sorts of bells and whistles and stuff. 
  8. SkyGenius Battery Operated Mini Clip On Desk Fan (I paid $22.99): As I’ve already mentioned, it gets so hot here in Louisiana. I felt like a fan of some sort was necessary for any length of time spent outdoors in the stroller. I did a little research and decided on this one. I really like it. I can clip it to the top of our stroller so that it’s out of my son’s reach and keeps air circulating throughout. The fan has also come in handy in other outdoor situations. The clip and its’ ability to be flipped around in any direction make it easy to use anywhere. 

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