My Favorite IKEA Purchase

We’ve purchased a lot of IKEA products for our home over the past several years. Everything from furniture to toys to curtains to plants. It’s hard to pick an absolute favorite, but if I had to, it would be the Hemnes bookshelves.

We moved into our current home a year and ten months ago. This new home had a significantly larger living room that I was excited to arrange and decorate. As is typically the case, there was only one wall on which to put the TV. So considering that, I started thinking about furniture arrangement. Because of the bigger living room, the main sofa didn’t look right all the way against the wall opposite the TV. I chose to pull it out some from the wall, but that left a huge blank space. 

I started brainstorming. 

I like looking at IKEA’s website for room arrangement ideas, and I expect it was in the process of doing that that I decided I might like some bookcases on my blank wall. 

We live 3 hours away from the closest IKEA, so if I’m itching to go we like to plan out a little mini weekend getaway that includes some other fun stuff and an IKEA stop on the way back home (because it ain’t no good to have a truck bed full of things in a hotel parking lot). We were able to plan one of these little trips soon after I decided I might want some bookcases. Going into IKEA, I wasn’t sure exactly what style I wanted or if I was even going to purchase anything. But the first little room display upstairs had the HEMNES bookshelves and cabinets styled perfectly. And, although I took forever to actually commit, I decided a similar configuration is what I wanted for our living room.  

It was pretty interesting getting five cabinets (among other things) from the warehouse area downstairs. But we did…because I have a very patient and awesome husband. We loaded up and headed home. And over the next week or so (I’m kind of patient sometimes too), the hubs put together the bookcases for me. And I loved them even more than I thought I would!

The HEMNES bookcases and cabinets make a huge impact placed next to each other. And they will likely stay in this configuration for a long time. But I love that, because they’re separate units, I can use the pieces in a lot of different configurations throughout our home in the future. So much versatility. 
And speaking of versatility, bookshelves delight my non-committal (when it comes to decorating and eating out only) heart. I can arrange them and rearrange them and put holiday stuff on them and take it off and have something different to look at every week. It’s fun. They also serve as excellent storage. I have some magazines (not near as many as I used to have even though I get most of them free like I wrote about in my previous post) stored in the bottom shelves with glass doors. I also bought the Knarra baskets at IKEA to place in the bottom shelf of each open unit. I typically don’t buy a whole slew of coordinating products, but I liked that these baskets fit perfectly in the shelves and the dark color was a good contrast to the white color I chose. I’ve changed what’s inside them several times since I purchased them, but they currently have DVDs in them. I’m proud to say I’ve culled our collection of DVDs as well (I feel a “less is more” type post coming soon). They fit in these 4 bins with a little room to spare. One contains TV shows on DVD. One has Disney movies and other cartoons in it. One contains regular DVDs, and the other houses Blu-Ray and 4K. I know you were dying to know that. 

When we bought these bookcases, we decided to get the Format cabinet lights that can attach to them as well. Remember, everything you buy at IKEA is separate. But that’s really the beauty of it. Everyone can arrange things to suit their own tastes. Anyway, we got the lights. My husband was the driving force in purchasing them. And I’m so glad he spoke up about that and I listened. I feel like the lights make the shelves look a little higher end. And we’ve used them a lot because we don’t have a lamp in the main living area. 

Forgive the smudgy glass. It’s actually a sign that it was cleaned…just with the wrong product. Oh well.

Probably my most favorite feature of these bookshelves is that I can display things that are really special to me. Things that hold memories. Pictures of memories. Thrifted items. Keepsakes from trips my husband and I have taken and will take with our son. Treasures from my parents and grandparents. I feel like these shelves are a true representation of me. And that’s really why they are my favorite purchase from IKEA thus far. 

(These air plants are from Amazon (affiliate link). I bought them a couple of months ago and love them!)

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