I’ve seen a few recap posts for various things in 2018 and decided to do my own. I thought it would be a good way to jump back onto theeeee ol’ blog (since I posted a grand total of two things last year…this and this). Just listing a few of my favorite purchases below in a few different categories and why I’ve loved them.


Beauty & Self-Care

Leahlani Skincare Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil – I’ll have more to say about this soon as I might consider this one of my favorite purchases of all time. It has truly done wonders for my skin and skincare routine. It’s easy to use (no hot rag or steam necessary) and smells soooo, soooo good.

Waterpik Water Flosser – Random, but I bought this maybe somewhat on a whim after a less than pleasant dentist visit. I’ve always done my best to have good oral hygiene even though I don’t floss e v e r y, s i n g l e day. And I’ve always had pretty good results. I don’t know if it was pregnancy or breastfeeding or both or neither, but something changed in the course of a year and my teeth took a bit of a hit. No cavities, thank goodness. But I never want to experience a cleaning like I went through two times ago. Anyway, my hygienist suggested a water flosser. I had heard of them, but never knew much about them. I did a little research then stumbled on this one (the link is to Amazon, and I think it’s the exact one but I’m not completely sure) on a special monthly sale at Costco. So, I got it. And I’ve actually really loved it. I feel like it cleans better than regular floss, and I’ve flossed more since I’ve had it. My last dentist visit a couple of weeks ago was much better. The only two changes I really made were starting to use this and switching to a new toothpaste. I think they’ve both contributed to cleaner teeth.

Sailor by Captain Blankenship Toner – I came across this toner at some point last year through one of the natural skincare enthusiasts I follow on Instagram (I can’t remember exactly who) and decided to purchase it as I felt the price point ($15 for 4 oz of a quality product) was decent for what I was getting. I previously used witch hazel as a toner on and off. I liked it, but never noticed a real change. I use this toner in conjunction with my facial cleansing oil and a quality moisturizer every morning and every night, and I LOVE IT. Two other things I love about it: I can get it at Target (that’s actually the only place to purchase it) and it sprays directly on your face, so no using a cotton swab or anything extra like that.

For Me

Dresses from Amazon (for maternity) – I wore this style of dress all through my pregnancy with my son. So much so that I threw a couple of way because of so much wear. So, I decided to try out one of these from Amazon because it was priced so good and had the option of a free return. Turns out, I really liked it and ended up ordering another one. I have the burnt orange and blue. They’re perfect maternity dresses that aren’t just made for maternity.

Made By Mary Poppy Choker (technically a gift, but I picked it out 😉) – My husband and I each picked out what we wanted for Christmas this past year that was $50 or less. This necklace was my choice, and I love it so, so much. Goes with everything and looks so much more expensive than it is, in my opinion. I actually have several pieces from Made By Mary With Love, and I’m a big fan of them all. Birthstone rings are next on my list.

For Brigsby

June & January Clothing – I can’t remember exactly when last year I purchased our first piece of J&J clothing, but I was hooked pretty quick. Everything they carry mismatches so well, most is gender neutral, and it’s all really affordable. They also have really great sales and a really good rewards program. The clothes are trendy, but also classic…especially since they’re just basic, fun colors with the occasional (not cartoony) print mixed in. For Brigsby, the basic pants are probably my favorite. But everything is really just so good.

Jack & Winn Cap(s) – I bought the Doggy 5-panel cap for Brigsby in June last year. He loves hats. But this is his favorite. And mine too. He wears it nearly every day. It’s dirty and has sweat stains. And it’s perfect. I actually got him another color in the same style for Christmas, and he loved it.

Green Toys (specifically the barn) – Brigsby got a Green Toys tractor for his 1st birthday. That kind of started OUR obsession with the brand. Green Toys are 100% recycled toys—box and all—and are made 100% in the USA. I love that about them, but I also love how cute they are. They’re made primarily from recycled milk jugs, so they’re plastic. But the colors they use across all the toys are consistent and somewhat muted. And the designs aren’t cartoon-ish (obviously, I’m not a fan of baby and kid things being covered in cartoons or cheesy prints). They have a lot of options and can be found in retail stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls and online on Amazon. We’ve also seen them in random gift shops. Our collection consists of mostly vehicles. But I think my favorite piece we have might be the barn. I kept it in my cart on Amazon for while to monitor the price and ended up getting a really good deal on it. 

Animals Book – This book is huge and amazing! The illustrations are whimsical and quirky and perfect. I don’t want to tear the one we own apart, but I’ve seriously considered ordering an additional one to make inexpensive but dramatic wall art. It’s simple and so good.


In the Kitchen

Breville Juicer – I had wanted a juicer for a long time but just couldn’t justify the price compared to how much I thought I would use it. Well, I found some cash I had stuck in a box from my HIGH SCHOOL graduation. Yes, the money was 13 years old. Not sure why I’m telling you that except that it is kind of hilarious. Anyway, believe it or not, there was plenty to cover a juicer, so I felt like it was a good time to try one out. I still tried to be smart about it, though. I did some minimal research and finally decided on this certified refurbished Breville model from Amazon. In hind sight, I kind of wish I had sprung for a masticating juicer as this one has what they refer to as cold spin technology, but is still a centrifugal juicer. I feel like the quality of the juice is good and tastes as fresh as my taste buds can discern, which I’ve heard can sometimes be something you lose with the centrifugal juicers. Maybe it’s because it really doesn’t seem to heat up. But it does produce a good bit of foam due to the high speed at which it juices. So, I guess you lose a little yield in that and in the slightly damp pulp. Also, I haven’t tried leafy greens in it, but I’ve read that it’s really not good for those. However, I really prefer to add spinach and kale to smoothies and stick to fruits and hard veggies to juice. So, really, this has been a good purchase that I’ve used more than I thought. I really think it was a good place to start in the world of juicing since I was skeptical of the use it would get. 


Birdling Weekender Travel Bag – I ordered a Weekender Birdling Bag with some Christmas money I got. I needed a bigger bag to travel with since I always pack mine and Brigsby’s stuff together. I ended up loving it even more than I thought I would (even though it’s a little on the heavy side). I actually just ordered an Overnighter bag from Birdling, which is slightly smaller. So, yeah, I was pleased with my purchase/gift.

Parabo Press Photo Prints – I discovered Parabo Press a couple of years ago, actually. But I ordered a few more prints and such from them last year. And I just love the quality and the options for printing…square prints, classic prints, masssssssive engineer prints (I got one on sale just to see and was really surprised at the ginormity, but also thought it was really cool), etc. The only downside is that shipping is expensive. But if you save up what you want to order and meet their free shipping threshold (which I think is $50), it’s definitely worth it! You can also use my coupon code (WSNSCS) for $10 off your first order!

Branch Basics Cleaning Products – This might be one of my best finds last year. I could go on and on about how much I’ve loved Branch Basics, but in a nutshell, it’s a company that sells a concentrate and oxygen boost that can seriously clean anything in different concentrations…laundry and stains, bathroom, floors, counters, cars, windows, the list goes on and on. In fact, here’s a link to their comprehensive guide to using it. You should read it. It’s impressive. And best of all, it’s made with truly safe ingredients. The price is also comparable (sometimes, better) to what you would pay for products with the same uses (especially when you consider that you only need one product to do pretty much all your cleaning). I purchased the starter set the first time which includes the concentrate, oxygen boost, and several pre-marked bottles (for dilution purposes) for cleaning the main things in your home. I’ve since signed up to a subscription (that saves me 15%) to get just the concentrate every 3 months. I highly recommend this company and keeping up with their blog and social media for cleaning and wellness information. So good. And if you decide to order and you’re interested in saving a little more money, you can use this link for $10 off all products.

Gathre Tablecloth – As much as I just raved about cleaning products, cleaning is not something I really enjoy. This vegan leather, non-toxic, waterproof Gathre tablecloth is sooooo easy to simply wipe up. And it doesn’t require laundering. And I love the way it looks. I’ve been a fan of Gathre mats since Brigsby was born, but this might be favorite one. 

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