My Favorite Way to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions

I tried to choose a title that didn’t sound too scammy, but that’s kind of hard to do with the word “free” in there. I promise it really is free, though. And actually pretty cool. Read on. 

I love magazines. I find so much inspiration flipping through the pages of a home decor magazine. Painting this, repurposing that, rearranging my bedroom or breakfast room or someone else’s living room in my mind (ha…but seriously). And I also enjoy occasionally looking through fashion and beauty mags too. 

I’m the type of person that reads a magazine cover to cover (sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards idk why). So, paying for subscriptions would seem to make sense since I’d be “getting my money’s worth.” But years ago, I found that it’s pretty easy to get free magazine subscriptions. Back then, I started collecting My Coke Rewards. You had to manually enter in each code to rack up points to spend on things, including magazine subscriptions. I faithfully did it, though. And as a result, I would get about 4 or 5 free magazine subscriptions each year. 

I kind of phased out of doing the My Coke Rewards thing a few years back. And I went for a while without subscribing to any magazines (except Country Living and HGTV because those are my fav). It did me good. In that period of time, I learned to hoard less and threw away at least two plastic bins full of magazines that I’d been keeping for no good reason. Big win for this gal. 

Within the last couple of years, I’ve tried to be more conscious of the environment so I started recycling (reading Seven by Jen Hatmaker is what pushed me to really get started…it’s a must read, in my opinion, which is why I’m linking it). In an effort to recycle correctly (because there are sooooo many rules), I started looking things up here and there. Searching for some answers to my questions led me to a site I had been to before: Recyclebank. I had visited previously because I had read that you could get free magazines through a points program they had. I guess I decided I didn’t want to bother then. But since the information was now relevant to my current endeavors, I dove in to a bunch of articles and started collecting points.

Y’all, you can earn points so fast. By clicking through informative little slideshows, reading brief articles and a few other methods. There are other rewards available, but I think the magazines are the best bang for your points. And there’s a really good selection. Some of my personal faves are Country Living, Food Network and Better Homes and Gardens. 

Unfortunately, as with the majority of subscriptions, you still get those pesky notifications in the mail telling you that in 8 months your subscription will expire. So dumb. But it’s easy to just throw them in the recycle bin. 

One more helpful hint: There are still a couple of magazines that I like to get that aren’t on the list. HGTV Magazine being one. I’ve found that ordering it on Amazon around Black Friday is the way to go. $5. That’s still a great deal! 

Okay, so if you’re going to do this, I feel it’s only right to encourage you to recycle your magazines. So, put them in the recycle bin (if you have one) or donate to your local library or a nursing home or give them to a neighbor. Enjoy and give them a second life. You’ll feel good about that in addition to getting them free (or really cheap)!

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