Besides a post a few weeks back, I’ve been MIA from the ol’ blog for a while. I started a huge declutter and organizing fest that is still ongoing (hoping to possibly share more of that soon). It rarely takes a super long time to write something out once I sit down and get really self-motivated, but I still struggle with being real consistent with all that. Work in progress, right?

Speaking of a work in progress, that is the state of my bathroom. It doesn’t need a huge remodel or anything, but there are multiple things I would love to do in there. I mentioned most of them in my last post. But if you missed that, here’s a short synopsis: Paint the cabinets, tile the shower, hang a curtain and get a new mirror to name a few. I was able to convince my wonderful husband who hates hanging anything to put up a few shelves on a blank wall by the bathtub. They added soooo much to the space (including room for plants, which just makes me so happy). My next little project that’s been in the back of my mind for weeks was to declutter the sink top. That’s what I’m sharing today.

Here is a before shot of the counter area.

And here it is after a bit of cleaning and organization.

I know the change isn’t anything real drastic. But it makes a big difference to have a clean area with minimal things. Because let’s face it, plenty of other things make their way onto the counter throughout each week (really, each day). It is just so nice to have a designated place for everything. The main change I made with this little mini makeover was creating simpler, organized spots for the things that I use most and putting away the extra stuff that just looked cluttery (my own word). That and coming up with prettier storage solutions for the things I wanted to keep on the sink top.

Here is a quick list of what I did.

I swapped out the long silver-plated tray for a smaller round one. The round tray takes up a lot less space overall, and I put only my stuff on it which gives some good separation from my husband’s stash.

I got rid of the candle, switched Q-tips to a smaller container, put away my perfume, moved the hand soap to the other side of my sink and just streamlined what I chose to have out.

I pulled out a couple of old wood boxes from Ikea and stacked them so my hubs could have the stuff he wants handy. (I don’t LOVE how the boxes look, but I don’t hate them either. And they suit our needs for now.)

I went ahead and put our Vitamin C in a glass jar and labeled it. Been meaning to do that for months so I could get rid of that obnoxiously huge container. I set my husband’s cologne beside it to add a little balance, but I might add a small shelf in the bathroom for vitamins soon (we’re trying to start taking more targeted and “better for us” supplements) and move the Vitamin C there and the cologne to a drawer. It’s easier to remember to take vitamins when they’re visible, but the containers take up a lot of counter space. So maybe some cute glass storage on a small shelf will do the trick. We’ll see!

So, like I said, it was just a few simple tweaks. But I’m happy with the change. Now on to a bigger project (hopefully)!

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